Tuesday, 15 May 2007


Was it our dear Kitty who mentioned where she would like to be finally.

Mine would have to be Salle, it is a favourite of Norfolk Church enthusiasts, isolated, wild and vast. Pronounced Saul, it booms out to travellers across the Norfolk plain like an architectural foghorn..

The Church was rebuilt in the 15th century, rather than use cheap local flint, it was paid for using costly Barnack stone from Peterborough, this was the generosity of the Uffords, Mautebys, Morleys, and Brewes, and they were duly blessed for their contributions with two feathered angels waving censers over their coat of arms above the west door.

The church is more of a Cathedral, and the view from it's window over the Norfolk countryside on a clear winter evening, is one of utter tranquility.

The Church of England is the true Museum of England, and it's buildings should be more treasured as a result. Every breeze that blows over a meadow is said to leave some memory of it's passing in the lie of the grass.

I have wrote a poem to go here with my blog.


The summer sky of blinding sun

Gone the cold winter has passed

From it's fury, so that I

Could bask, and embrace it's warmth,

My task well done.

In a garden, where birds of beauty

Take it's flight,

My soul lays with my love

Beneath the soil, where light in darkness lies

In Paradise, of his delight.

Till the moon rises, and dark clouds sleep

Keep me wrapped in arms of thine,

Where endless days

In nature's wood, I dance with thee,

My heart is yours, my love divine.

Friday, 4 May 2007


I read in a book, that there is no scientific evidence that dogs can understand human speech or that they can communicate with other dogs.
Dog owners who insist that their dogs 'can understand every word I say' are
However, as an old Irish setter said to me recently, 'Dogs understand human speech only too well and find most of what we have to say to them banal, tedious and patronising.

(Camilla to Charles)

'Darling, do you think a dog knows it's a dog?' asked Camilla.
'It depends what you mean by know', said Charles.
Freddie snapped, 'Of course I know I'm a bloody dog, I eat from a bowl on the floor, I sh.. in the street...'

A friend said to me yesterday, that she noticed that everytime I left the house I would always say to my dogs, "wont be long darlings, I will be back soon". She said that dogs probably did not have a clue as to what I was talking about,(neither do I sometimes). It is an interesting thought though, this talking to the animals, I suppose it is really a tone of the voice that our dogs can be familiar with us. Anyway, it will not stop me talking to them, my little friends.

Will TRY and upload a pic of my grandson with my JRT, if my grandson face looks all creamy, that is sunblock, it was taken under my very ancient AppleBlossom tree last weekend on a gloriously hot day.