Wednesday, 19 September 2007


A miracle happened today. At about 2pm this afternoon I was going through to the kitchen to make a pot of tea, I kept looking at the clock as I knew I had to take Robbie my very ill dog to see the Vet at 3pm which was only twenty minutes drive away. I had already rung my husband at work lunchtime to ask if he would meet me there, as I knew I would be totally overcome with emotion if my dog had to be put to sleep. As I poured the hot water onto the P.G.Tips, I looked around and saw Robbie had got out of his basket and although quite wobbly, began to walk around the room. I was speechless, as Victor Meldrew would have said - " I dont believe it".!

Exactly two weeks ago today Robbie first became ill with Epileptic Fits, the Vet had said he may have eaten something along the Country Lane near the fields where I walk him, which caused him to have Liver Infection, which in turn caused him to fit. These last couple of weeks have been "touch and go", but I have followed the Vet's instructions to administer the neccesary medication and to feed water and liquidised food through a syringe about four times a day. This of course I have managed to do, but what was worrying me more than anything was Robbie's incapability to even walk or stand on his own, or not even being able to empty his bowels and bladder properly. He would just do it in the basket, or I would have to lift him out and hold him hoping that he would aim onto the scattered newspaper I had layered on the floor. I must say there have been endless hours of buckets and mops with disinfectant.

Robbie has had no more fits since last Wednesday evening, it may be because the kindly Vet had decided to give Robbie a full anaesthetic and put on a drip, as to sedate the body, hoping that once he came out of it his body would re-charge again without more fits. Well it seems to have worked as no more fits, that is not to say he will not have another anytime.

The big question I had intended to ask the Vet this afternoon was - "Do I need to end his suffering"? as Robbie had not seemed to have any quality of life left. He said that if it was his dog he would not put him to sleep, and we need to give him a chance. The drugs was making him completely "stoned" out of his mind, he said a bit like an Alcoholic who gets used to drinking, they get used to the liquor, the body gets used to it. So this evening I have my dog back home with me, A miracle indeed, especially now after two weeks he took his first steps again today, something that I did not think would ever happen again. I have nursed him with all the TLC I could possibly give him these last two weeks, and will continue to do so in the fight to his recovery.

Thank you to one and all for being just absolute darlings with your messages and concern with love and hugs along the way. Means so much to me, and has helped me enormously to cope with my anxious days and nights.


Monday, 17 September 2007


I have done my Homework, Un Peu has tagged me, see original blog of BlossomCottage.

The smell of freshly baked cakes and bread, as a child I remember my mother's baking day for these on a Saturday. I would eagerly wait for the dough mixture to rise in the old Black Cooking Range. I liked to help of course, with several large old-fashioned mixing bowls and a wooden spoon. Loved to dip my finger into the uncooked ingredients before they were popped into the oven, then the joy of being able to taste and smell the delights when all was cooked.

Recently I treated myself to some Sherlock Holmes DVD'S, my favourite actor who portrays Sherlock for me has to be Jeremy Brett. Nothing better than on a cold winter's evening, by the warmth of the crackling fire, to relax and watch an episode acting out the lives amongst exciting excesses of Victorian London. The sound of the Horse's hooves over the Victorian cobbled strets, there is something quite wonderful about the sound of a Horse's gallop, or trot.

Bonfires in the garden, not the burning of fireworks, but the the smell of the twigs and bracken smouldering. Pine Cones blazing on the hearth, after one has collected them from the Pine Forest. The smell of it's perfume that fills the air, and also brings back memories of when my children were small and they would delight in being able to gather up as many as possible to stack into their baskets.

The sound of Church Bells ringing in the distance, my local Church with it's magnificent architecture, can be seen from my kitchen window. On a Sunday morning it's peel can be heard from across the fields.

The smell of my dogs fur, nothing nicer. All the devotion I give them is given right back, but I also believe that owning a pet can keep stress levels down. Stroking my furry friends prompts my brain to release "feel good" hormones, and helps calm me.

I have always been at one with children, I just adore to hear them talking and laughing, and no matter whose child in a family I happen to encounter, it fills my heart with a desire to listen as they express their personality.

The crunching of pure White snow beneath one's feet, not the slushy type, when the warmer air or rain has changed it's beauty.

The smell of a newborn baby, as you hold towards your skin, so wonderful.

I like to use a pen with a nib to write, dipped into a bottle of Royal Blue Ink, and hear the slight scratch of the quill as it touches the paper.

A smell of a book, be it freshly new from publication, or be it an old Antiquarian Edition, the joy has stayed with me from that since I read my first bok as a child.

Scent of a flower especially a Rose, with it's heady perfume, which can be quite intoxicating.

The sounds of birds singing and chirping, and a Pigeon or Dove cooing on a fresh new morning, with window open I glory in the sheer beauty of their beautiful voices.

A Poem


A rainbow arched the waterfall

Myriads of colours, shapes and sounds,

Everything kaleidoscopic

Against a blackdrop of rock,

Together we stood in awe

Glimpsing a miracle.

Then you offered me your hand

To help me climb the falls,

I climbed alone,

Choosing to be

Yet never wanting to be

A lonely poet.



Dear Cait has bestowed to me an Award, for that I am most grateful. I try to be creative as best I can, to seek deep into my imaginations. Now I have eaten the "pudding", I will endeavour to create my ability to capture my "Scents and Sounds" this evening.


Thursday, 30 August 2007


On the 31st August 1997 while I was arousing from my sleep , my husband brought me a cup of tea in bed, not something I hasten to add does he do quite frequently, however, I was grateful for the brew. I had just finished working four night shifts at the hospital. My husband sat on the edge of the bed and told me the sad news of Princess Diana, I broke down, the ever emotional type.

Today there is going to be a Memorial Service to Commemorate Princess Diana's life. I too believe that she was an extraordinary woman who touched the lives of millions, as the Prime Minister wrote at the weekend, but I argue the opinion of the feminist Germaine Greer who said Diana was a "devious moron" desperate for attention.

Diana's status as a fetching international celebrity involved charitable works, and the public sympathy she engendered in the long. When she took over as a Patron of the Children's Charity Barnado's, she attended sixteen events in one year alone, more than the previous Royal who only attended once in a year. Diana touched the lives of many, and had the ability to make everybody feel special, particularly vunerable young people, who felt her warmth and affection.

People either loved Diana or they loathed her, I think there were many who did not understand her, and I have heard critics say that Diana did not understand herself even. I wonder though, if that tragic fatal accident in Paris had not occured, and Diana had been happy in her marriage to her Prince Charming, she would have eventually reigned The Queen Of Hearts over our nation.

The picture is of Princess Diana and a young girl at a Charity Cancer Event.

My Poem


I grew a Rose, a Pink Rose in my garden

I grew a Pink Rose so lovely to see;

I watched as it changed from sweet bud to


Meaning to pluck it, and give it to thee.

Delicate, fragrant, with beauty so deep,

Caressed by the warm sun, kissed by the rain,

Lovely the Rose that I grew in my Garden,

Alas, for the Pink Rose, it grew there in vain.

For oft did I tell the Pink Rose of thy beauty,

But with such beauty it could not compete;

Slowly it faded, it's fragrance departed,

Sadly it's petals then fell at my feet.

For such is thy beauty, that none can compare,

Not even sweet Angels in Heaven would dare,

Could ye walk through Fair Eden, I know there

would be,

Each bloom with it's head bowed

In deference to thee.


Friday, 20 July 2007


I went into my local Post Office yesterday morning to buy a Magazine for a friend. As I was browsing through them I could hear two women chatting about so many to choose from. I spied one lady who I thought I recognised, going up to her I said, "excuse me, but you're Kate's mother I do believe"?. "No sorry, you must have me mixed up with someone else, funny how some people look alike". She then went on to say, "I have come in to buy my favourite Country Living Magazine, oh I do like them, deliciously filled with so many gorgeous things, and I like the continuity of the editions". I replied, " I used to have that one, but so many advertisements in them now". I went on to say about the Columnist Competition, but did not say who I was. "Oh, she said, I dont know too much about that at all, wanting to quickly rush to the counter to pay for it.

Very strange I thought considering she takes the Country Living every month, I wonder - you dont think she is the DARKHORSE one do you?

The picture is titled FIRST LOVE and is by the Artist, JIM DALY.


Saturday, 14 July 2007

Thank You

Thank you so much for a great party Dear Westerwitch, and Happysnaper, so too Dear Lixtroll and Peat. Not forgetting all the help given by all other admin.

It is incredible how we have grown here amongst a wonderful circle of friends, and although we all have our own daily lives to be amongst our family, it is nice to know that out there we are all supporting one another one way or another, even if it be in cyber-space.


Friday, 13 July 2007

Royal Albert Hall

Testing, Testing!

Royal Albert Hall


I watched the Proms this evening from The Royal Albert Hall, with the BBC Symphony Orchestra. Paul Watkins played Cello for Elgar's Cello Concerto, what a beautiful piece of music, absolutely took my breath away. It marks the 150th Anniversary of the composer's birth. I agree with what the BBC Commentator said, Paul Watkins is one of the best Cellist's in the land. He played Elgar's piece magnificently, he also won the Lead Conductor, and is a gifted Piano Player.

Another favourite, Enigma Variations, which captures the sense of lonliness of the Artist. The middle section of this theme has a good basis for the variations, because of it's shape, is so simple and so clear. It has a puzzle about the Theme - a secret to the Theme, an Enigma.

Next - Beethoven's 9th Choral Symphony, quite an unstable piece, and was Beethoven's first performance in Vienna. It is quite a long piece, almost twenty-five minutes in all, but wonderful all the same, accompanied by the Mass Choir of Symphony Chorus.

Can one imagine not having music, to think that these great composer's in their time, are still being listened to today, ah, what gifts. I am looing forward to Shakespeare's Macbeth from Glyndbourne, and W.H.Auden's Anniversary, another literary celebration.

I came home from my Community rounds this afternon feeling quite exhausted, (must be my age!). I walked my two dogs over the fields, a pleasant warm July evening and the big vast Norfolk sky, looking out to me. Home again, I cooked a lovely Chicken Casserole which went down a treat, not forgetting some of the Beaujolaise. Then I fell into the Chesterfield, dogs laying beside me, grateful after their long walk and doggie dinners. I listened to The Proms and I was carried away into this beautiful luxurious sound of music, oh I wish I could play the Violin or Cello.

I have not forgotten the Big Party this evening at 9pm, if Headmistress allows, I would like to wear my long Pink dress with matching gloves and shoes, let's hope I dont trip up on the sheer length of it!


Tuesday, 10 July 2007


I have always fancied a little Antiquarian Book Shop, with a snug tea-room alongside. Our village does not have a book shop, but then I suppose many order from the Internet now, or go to the larger towns for their purchases.

I remember watching the film 84 Charing Cross Road, which was focused on the famous book shop in the early 1950's in London. There was something nostalgic I felt about this film, shops that had a "tinkling" bell that would ring as you entered, the atmosphere would be a little dusty, and large wooden ladders would be placed against the shelves so that one could reach the top.

Years ago the Assistants seemed to have more time for you, they were polite, nowadays I have noticed that the people serving you are quite disinterested, and not always helpful. I long for a smile or a cheery wave, even the American twang, "Have A Nice Day"!

A Tea-Room - White linen tablecloths, with the lightest of Pale Pink Napkins, and Rosebud China. Finger sandwiches with a choice of fillings, Scones, dripped with Jam and Clotted Cream. A selection of Dainty Cakes on a tiered cake-stand.

On the subject of Consumers, here is a little ditty, taken from the Oxford Book of American Light Verse.

The grocer sells me addled eggs, the tailor

sells me shoddy,

I'm only a consumer, and I am not anybody.

The cobbler pegs me paper sales, the

dairyman short-weights me,

I'm only a consumer, and most everybody

hates me.

There's turnip in my pumpkin pie and

ashes in the pepper,

The world's my lazaretto, and I'm

nothing but a leper;

So lay me in my lonely grave and tread

the turf down flatter,

I'm only a consumer and it does'nt really


This is by no way any offence to our Darling Frances, from reading her diary's, I know that SHE is a most courteous, and polite person. No offence to Iota either, I just came across the poem the other day when looking through some old books of mine.

Did you know that there are three kinds of Tea-time in Britain, Afternoon Tea, Cream Tea, and High Tea. Well that has given me a thought, will go and put the kettle on now, I am going to call it my late evening cuppa!


Monday, 9 July 2007


Today I was able to get in to the new Purplecoo, feels quite strange still, but I notice there are some lovely new additions, quite exciting.

Was the Calender I wonder just for fun, or will it eventually take off, I did think it would be a very good idea for Charity, but then I'm sure it will be a lot of hard work for Westerwitch to get this going, and she has already been up to her eyes in being so wonderful with the new site and everything.

This morning I received a telephone call to say that I could collect my tickets for the holiday that my husband had arranged with the free tickets he had been awarded. I put the phone down in the end, after realising that this was "cold-calling". I just wish they did not waste people's time in these sort of things, we often get people ringing up to say have we got 10 minutes of our time to do survey, how do they get the number.

My daughter and I were delighted today in receiving the good news that my grandson would be able to be re-instated into his old school, the same as his sister's. My daughter had moved to Yorkshire two years ago but then came back because she was homesick. She could not get him into the original school that he was in before, so he had to go to another school ten miles away, and while he has been there he has been bullied quite a lot. Today after an appeal, my daughter was told the good news that my grandson had now had a place in the school he was in originally, so we wept a few tears of delight today.


Saturday, 7 July 2007


Grouse has tagged me, so as promised my five Mood Boosters.

Someone once told me, "You are so straight-laced", well the only lace I know is what's attached to my Petticoat.


I am never more happy than when I am walking with my dogs, no matter what the weather, if I am feeling a little down in the dumps this is a great tonic for me. In times of sadness they are always there for me, bright-eyed, and waggy-tailed. Animals I believe are so theraputic to my well being, and I am simply MAD about them. My adorable two grandchildren, who accept my dizzy eccentric behaviour, and just love me for who I am in a unconditional way.


I loathe bad manners, people who do not have the courtesy to say thank you, that they are so wrapped up snugly in their own little world, it causes them to have a "tunnel-vision". People who judge others, ie., labelling, one cannot judge a book by it's cover. So for this reason it is important for me in my everyday life to say "Hello", "How are you", or even "Good Morning", or "Good Evening", I genuinly am concerned for others, and it fills my heart with a sense of warmth to be sociable, and gives me great pleasure.


I have a tendency to be a tad "old fashioned", I have a great passion for Costume Drama and The Theatre. Here I have listed some of my favourite Classic Moments of Drama.

Sense & Sensibility

Vanity Fair

Pride & Predjudice


Wives & Daughters

Mansfield Park

Other films, Some Like It Hot. On Golden Pond, Breakfast At Tiffany's

Forest Gump, Educating Rita.

A deep interest in Literature, mainly Historical Fiction, I have a never-ending fascination with the Bloomsbury Group, a circle of writer's, artists, who were quintessentially English yet universally fascinating manifestations of literary and artistic culture in the 1930's, their relationships and their influence, which continues to resonate to this day.


If music be the spice of life- then it would have to be Mozart, Beethoven, and Bach. If I am sitting alone at home and need cheering up I just put them on, and feel much brighter. I enjoy a mixed bag of music, Enya, Guns & Roses, Michael Buble, Glen Miller are some. I enjoy Art, cannot imagine a bare wall, my rooms are stuffed with them. I like nothing better than to go with a friend to visit a Gallery, cheers me up no end.


The list would not be complete without this, I used to have a wonderful English teacher, Mr Edwards, a tall willowy chap with spectacles, and a magnificent educator. English homework - could'nt get enough of it, my compositions, essays would bulge in my enthusiasm for it. Some short stories and poems I have been thankful to have had published, but mainly many of them quite some time ago now, mainly in magazines. I dream of the day that I would be successful in having a book of poems published, ah, that truly would be the icing on the cake, but at least by way of writing it helps me to unwind.

Poets: Sir Philip Sydney, Thomas Campion, William Shakespeare, John Keats.

The Painting is by Charles Burton Barber, and is called - "SUSPENSE"

I have put here my poem which sums me up, told you I was passionately eccentric.!


I am passionate, puritans scold me

for running over breathlessly

of life's table of contents

and wishing and longing for everything.

They scold me for feasting

on joy and despair, together

with jugs of whipped cream

and wild strawberries

They object to me wearing

a diamond stud

for being sometimes girl

sometimes woman

and who knows what else!

Well that's my way

I'm hungry, I'm thirsty

I rush through the world like

A living sound

I refuse to walk slowly, to crawl

I'm passionate, I gulp things down

I fly,

and I'm proud that on my

small lapel,

occasionally, a decoration gliters,

call it rapture that golden rosette.


Monday, 2 July 2007


This morning I drove to my friends house to check that the cat was alright, and to leave her a bowl of food and water. This I do twice a day, morning and evening while my friend is visiting her family in Spain. I am usually greeted by several Shrews (Dead) I may add, in the hallway, for Flopsy Bunnie has a liking for them. As I was leaving the house I thought that it had been several days that I had seen Mrs Green's cat old Fudgy, who sometimes appears when I come to the house. Fudgy is not allowed in his owner's home I presume, Mrs Green has two Alsations. Why on earth do people own animals if they canot be bothered to look after them, stroke them, feed them, keep them in on a cold winter's night.

I remembered my friend had given instructions for the Gardener to come and mow the lawn while she was away. Could it be that Fudgy had slipped into the garage where gardening tools were kept, and Gardener had inadvertantly locked her in there by mistake, if indeed the cat had wandered in. The spare garage key luckily was on the kitchen work-surface, as I unlocked the garage door I was met by a wailing cat who had come running down the step-ladder from the rafters, he had been in there since Saturday morning apparantly, as that is when the Gardener had been last to mow the lawn, after I rang him. I told him to please check the garage in future to make sure old Fudgy is not in there.

This afternoon I decided to stop off at the local grocery store, I had only intended to buy a few items, but as I walked around the counters the list that I had made up beforehand had somewhat got longer. Going to the checkout I was served by a young lady who obviously did not see any reason to smile, and said to me, "I am going to put all your items in ONE plastic bag". Er - um, sorry, if I know plastic bags the sheer weight of anything inside causes them to split open usually halfway out the shop. I absolutely loathe plastic bags, when will the day come when they do away with them and issue nice strong ones. They are alright for light fashion items, do not have a problem with those. "Er, have you a cardboard box"? - "No, we dont, I'm sure you'll manage". Excuse me, but I am not paying a fortune by my way of custom, the shop would stop trading if it was not for us customers.

I saw a Blackbird gathering up bits of twigs today, she flew into our hedge, thought that nesting had finished now. Luckily I have not had the hedge clipped yet, when is a good time for this to be done I wonder.

I read that apparantly everyone would be a lot happier if they did'nt have feelings. A person can endure incredible physical hardship and be none the worse for it, but the very same person can be almost destroyed by a casual comment that hurts their feelings.

Hope you like the picture, cat is saying - "Just a minute Guv, that Mousie dinner is mine"!

Thank you to Dear Westerwitch, and to everyone else who left me messages on the concern of my husband. He is resting comfortably at home, but can do no tasks and is still very weak and tired. He is awaiting more blood results so will know more later next week hopefully. I send my deepest sympathy to our Dear Muddie on her uncle, and so too to our Dear Brownmouse who has a bereavment in her family. Sending sympathy to Blossom's daughter who sadly lost her beloved dog Charlie just recently.


Wednesday, 27 June 2007


I bought this painting for my daughter a few years ago, I thought it would be very fitting as a celebratory piece . Congratulations to Elaine for being successful in her new post, also Congratulations to Un Peu and her husband on their 20th Wedding Anniversary today, and everyone who are celebrating their Birthday's too.

Jane, Adrian and Jack, not forgetting darling Asbo Jack, wishing you lots of happiness in your New Home.

I would like to thank everyone who left me kind messages when my husband was admitted to Hospital, it really meant a lot to me to know that you were there for me at my darkest hour of lonliness. My husband was discharged from Hospital this evening, he looks quite ill and tired, and I find it hard to accept that all tests that were carried out came back as unconclusive and negative and that when he was first admitted as a patient by Paramedics it was said that he was going into complete Renal Failure. More Bloods to be taken on Friday at the Hospital.

Thank you Dear Westerwitch for being an absolute darling, much appreciated. I was thinking of putting this blog at first onto CCW Page, but as I have not blogged for quite some time now, decided to write it here.

Milla and Bill if you read this, just wanted to say I just hope you come back to Purplecoo, I miss not hearing how things are going with you, hope Lol is alright.

Camilla.x P.S. Painting is by William Holmes Sullivan.

Monday, 4 June 2007


Just recently I was searching for a legal document in the old writing bureau, I thought I had put it in a certain place there, but after searching I discovered that I had placed it in another compartment. I decided then and there to tidy up all the necessary papers I had accumulated over the years, this being before the world of computers I may add. I came across an old black and white document to which I had not seen before, and I was curious to learn more about it, and so I asked my husband if he could 'shed' any light on it. "oh that, it used to belong to my great uncle". GULP - It was the drawings of Bingham Library and The Bingham Hall in Cirencester. Bingham was the maiden name of my husband's mother, her father had a brother named Daniel Bingham, and it was he that provided the handsome and adequate endowment for the maintenance of the Trust of the Library and Hall in Cirencester.

He was born in 1830, and attended the local grammar school, before joining the Great Western Railway Company in Cirencester. Some years later with Mr James Forbes, he undertook the reorganisation of the Dutch Rhenish Rilways, which had been allowed to deteriorate, the company had neither capital nor credit was regarded with general antipathy. Daniel Bingham devoted himself to the immense task with characteristic energy, and eventually succeeded in placing the concern on a sound and commercial footing, so that the shares, which were at one time worth 'less than nothing' increased so much in value that they once increased by 159%. Mr Bingham's connection with the Dutch-Rhenish Railways continued for over 35 years, until in 1890 the Government took them over in a prosperous conditon.

The Bingham Library and Art Gallery Foundation

Cirencester is fortunate in the foundation created by Daniel Bingham of Utrecht, a former townsman. He built and endowed the former Bingham Library and the Bingham Hall in King Street for the benefit of residents of the town and the surrounding district. Opened in 1905 and 1908 respectively they both are administered locally by Trusts under the supervision of the Charity Commission.

This was of course a wonderful gift that my husband's late great uncle had given to Cirencester, but at the time of finding out these facts, I must confess I felt a little like Jeremy Clarkson on the programme, "Who Do You Think You Are", on tracing one of his ancestors who had patented the Kilner Jar. It turned out that his ancestor had sold the patent, and so leaving a rather unfortunate Jeremy saying, - "That could have been mine some day".

I have gone to the Cirencester Official Guide on the website, and have been able to get copies of these wonderful historic buildings, which was once owned by my husband's ancestor, but I am a little disappointed to learn by reading the guide, that I have sadly missed the 100 Years On Celebration, of the opening of Bingham House as a public library on 21st September 1905, such a shame I missed it especially as my husband is a direct descendant of Mr Bingham.

Another poem for you.


I often sit at night

upon these desolate slopes;

draped in the dark and solid fall of lava

they seem rippling still; and above the joyless

waste, in purest blue

I watch the far-off flashing of the stars.

Tuesday, 15 May 2007


Was it our dear Kitty who mentioned where she would like to be finally.

Mine would have to be Salle, it is a favourite of Norfolk Church enthusiasts, isolated, wild and vast. Pronounced Saul, it booms out to travellers across the Norfolk plain like an architectural foghorn..

The Church was rebuilt in the 15th century, rather than use cheap local flint, it was paid for using costly Barnack stone from Peterborough, this was the generosity of the Uffords, Mautebys, Morleys, and Brewes, and they were duly blessed for their contributions with two feathered angels waving censers over their coat of arms above the west door.

The church is more of a Cathedral, and the view from it's window over the Norfolk countryside on a clear winter evening, is one of utter tranquility.

The Church of England is the true Museum of England, and it's buildings should be more treasured as a result. Every breeze that blows over a meadow is said to leave some memory of it's passing in the lie of the grass.

I have wrote a poem to go here with my blog.


The summer sky of blinding sun

Gone the cold winter has passed

From it's fury, so that I

Could bask, and embrace it's warmth,

My task well done.

In a garden, where birds of beauty

Take it's flight,

My soul lays with my love

Beneath the soil, where light in darkness lies

In Paradise, of his delight.

Till the moon rises, and dark clouds sleep

Keep me wrapped in arms of thine,

Where endless days

In nature's wood, I dance with thee,

My heart is yours, my love divine.

Friday, 4 May 2007


I read in a book, that there is no scientific evidence that dogs can understand human speech or that they can communicate with other dogs.
Dog owners who insist that their dogs 'can understand every word I say' are
However, as an old Irish setter said to me recently, 'Dogs understand human speech only too well and find most of what we have to say to them banal, tedious and patronising.

(Camilla to Charles)

'Darling, do you think a dog knows it's a dog?' asked Camilla.
'It depends what you mean by know', said Charles.
Freddie snapped, 'Of course I know I'm a bloody dog, I eat from a bowl on the floor, I sh.. in the street...'

A friend said to me yesterday, that she noticed that everytime I left the house I would always say to my dogs, "wont be long darlings, I will be back soon". She said that dogs probably did not have a clue as to what I was talking about,(neither do I sometimes). It is an interesting thought though, this talking to the animals, I suppose it is really a tone of the voice that our dogs can be familiar with us. Anyway, it will not stop me talking to them, my little friends.

Will TRY and upload a pic of my grandson with my JRT, if my grandson face looks all creamy, that is sunblock, it was taken under my very ancient AppleBlossom tree last weekend on a gloriously hot day.

Monday, 30 April 2007


I was very fortunate in having one of my poems published in our local church magazines recently, and thought I would share it with you.

A little fieldmouse, nibbling fallen grains
On the edge of a summer wheat field,
Apprehensively glances at the clear, blue sky
Where danger's never far away,
Whence any moment hawk may swoop
And dash out his little life.

But it's summer and the sun is warm;
The ripe corn smells good, and the shed grains
Are spread on the earth for his dinner,
He is happy and that is all that matters.

Even if these be his last few moments
The gift of existence will have been worthwhile,
Risk, danger, death, and all
How else could things have been arranged.

The weather at the weekend has been glorious, so much so that we were able to eat Al Fresco in the garden. Tables and chairs, hammocks, large parasol, and coloured lanterns attached to the apple tree, which is in full blossom at present.
We only had a number of ten people including some of our family, but it was great fun, and we stayed long into the evening with much social chatter, and I have to say the wine did flow, not purple I hasten to add, but near enough.

Wow, we have all come along way on Purplecoo since it began two weeks ago, and what a circle of friends we have. Westerwitch and Lixtroll are just amazing, and deserve a medal. I wonder where we would be if it had not been for them, certainly not on the other planet.

Monday, 23 April 2007

Morning All.

Out on my community rounds early today, so thought I would just nip in before I go to say hope everyones day goes well.

It is my Wedding Anniversary today, will not tell you how many years, too many to mention, if I keep on going I could even reach a gold medal! Anyway, I will be celebrating this weekend, hoping that the weather will be glorious, as planning to have a family gathering in the garden with BBQ, son is travelling from London, love it when he comes, he spoils me rotten.

See you later today.

Morning All

Is anyone out there?

Have been next door to see how things are going, hardly anyone there, so I thought I would pop over to yours, my oh my! It is crowded, brilliant, that's what I like, cant beat a lovely social gathering. Drinks anyone?

Not sure if this blog will get to wherever it is supposed to get, but fingers crossed I have managed to get over to the "other side", phew, not used to all this technical stuff. I want to say a big thank you to dear Westerwitch, and to Lixtroll, for making this site possible, you are absolute STARS.

Warm Wishes.