Sunday, 5 October 2008


It has been years since I have ridden a bycicle, the last time I remember cycling over the rickety bridge only to be met by a man in a white van coming in the opposite direction down a narrow country lane and taking up the full width of the road. I stuck my right leg out with handle bars all a tremour, and you've guessed it...... became a cropper. I happen to like cycling, great fun, I kid myself it might keep my over 60's body in shape, even though, still not bad for an oldie.

De-clutter my wardrobes, I did begin this a few weeks ago and gave some clothes to the charity shop, but then once inside charity shops I usually come home with another gorgeous creation that some other has no use for. Having a 'clear out' apparantly is cathartic, but I have always been a hoarder thinking, oh will keep that just in case it comes in handy, but usually never does.

Baking cakes - I have a sweet tooth, when my children were growing up I was always busy in the kitchen turning out the odd swiss-roll, little dainty fairy cakes filled with butter icing, victoria sandwich with a favourite jam filling, the list goes on. Then somehow I stopped baking cakes, why spend time when one can buy a yum cake over the counter, or even the good old WI or our tiny pantry shop in the village. So I am into baking these again, I blame it on those gorgeous pictures in Food Book I received recently, so Kittyb, move over darling, know you are a whiz with baking cakes, no joking aside my cakes could never look as gorgeous.

Catch up with my reading, sadly this has been neglected of late, like to be busy, but I do love a good book, log on the fire, glass of the old vino, a cosy throw, adore books so I am going to make more time for this. Books I am reading at the moment are - Nobbut A Lad - A Yorkshire Childhood by that gorgeous man Alan Titchmarsh. This was recently sent to me by Elizabethd in France along with two very pretty french postcards, thank you Elizabeth, I will pass it on to Bradan next. The second book that awaits my reading is - The Nonesuch by Georgette Heyer, I love this author's wonderful period detail.

I popped into the Library last week to enquire after anything by Hogarth and while I was there a lady happened to return the G. Heyer book. I said to the Librarian, 'ooh, may I take that book out please', 'are you sure, she said, 'it is in very LARGE PRINT'. 'Yes I said, eyes are a tad wonky, but hey ho.!

I came across some gorgeous floral vintage fabric in a shop recently, I'm thinking cushions at the moment. I loathed dressmaking at school, buttons to be sewn on I can just about manage, I shuddered when name tags were dropped in my lap by my children for school uniforms. Thank heavens for my MIL who was a seamstress. The cushions might not resemble Laura Ashley or Designers Guild but I am going to give it a go.