Saturday, 14 January 2017

A New Abode Winterton - On - Sea

Well it has been simply yonks since I have blogged you may well have thought where is that crazy eccentric woman, well I am still crazy and eccentric (I tell myself this it's what keeps my ship afloat) we moved in October this year, downsized if you like gone is all the cluttter (how can one accumulate so much stuff over the years)!

A pretty little village named Winterton, but still remaining in Norfolk so I have not gone far. Five minutes from my front door at some God forsaken unearthly hour in the morning with my parka on, boots, russian hat and gloves and scarve and a keen wind blowing and cold enough to freeze the cockles, I venture over the dunes to the beach with my faithful JRT Patch who can bark for England and likes to think he is top dog, only he's not because when you are not looking he likes to chew your best cushion.

So what have we in the village, well we have one pub which serves excellent food and the staff are kind and give a good service. One fish and chip shop, (always good if you don't fancy cooking one night) a post office which now has new residents who they tell me have come up from Middlesex and have a gorgeous dog named Poppy to which they have renamed the post office in her honour. One small corner grocery shop always handy if you forget something, served by the lovelyVictoria who always has a smile and loves a chat with me. A beautiful church too.

A wonderful beachside cafe which is so welcome after a brisk walk over the beach and you can stop and recharge your batteries over a  bowl of hot soup, capaccino, and slice of gorgeous choc cake.

It's a complete different story from when I lived in Westminster just off Baker Street in my teens I still get nostalgic when I go back, if I win the lottery I can have the best of two worlds, one in west London and one here in Norfolk.

Mentioned in the Domesday book, Winterton-on-Sea is the most northern seaside village in the borough of Great Yarmouth.
It's a small, historic village, picture-perfect with beautiful floral displays and pretty little thatched cottages. The village also has a stunning backdrop inland of majestic white wind turbines towards the villages of East and Wester Somerton, and mile after mile of pale sandy beach backed by sand dunes.
The village's parish church, Holy Trinity, is a truly magnificent building with one of the tallest church towers in Norfolk at over 130 feet. Elements of the church date from the 13th century, with the tower being built around 200 years later. The church was restored in the late 1800s and is well worth a visit. When fishermen set sail from Winterton, they used to use the tower as an important landmark to help guide them home. 
Winterton Dunes are a National Nature Reserve, a haven for birdwatching and wildlife with little tern and seal colonies in residence along with the rare Natterjack toad.
At Winterton-on-Sea and north along the coast to Horsey, the Broads overlap with the Norfolk Coast Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty where in the winter seal pups are born on the beach. A viewing area is available a short walk from Horsey
Well I have survived the night last night of the high tidal waves and fierce winds and am still in the land of the living, must admit though I was quite scared last night as not lived so near to the sea before and it felt quite eerie. Snow did appear but not the serious enough white stuff, all has gone now. Any snow where you are? have a great weekend dear friends.