Thursday, 25 September 2008


There are five things that I have always wanted but have never had, ooh, a girl can only but dream.

First would be to own my own Horse, it has been absolutely ages since I have ridden, memories of riding here in Norfolk when I was just a 'slip of a girl' was so exciting and exhilerating. I used to ride a silver/grey mare named Peewea and often used to have a fine gallop across the beaches with her, loved that Horse. Only thing is that I would have to have another Horse to keep the other one company, would hate to think Horse would be lonely.

Second to open up a shop, maybe books with a little Tea/Room, but then I have a passion for Interiors, Antiques and Art, so perhaps an Art Gallery or Vintage Fabrics and Accessories.

The third I would love to own a gorgeous cottage in France - sorry, agree with what Jane says about second homes too, but even so, how lovely that would be. My Great Grandmother had French blood on my Mother's side, and even though it has been some time since I visited the country, always have fond memories, and just think of all that french wine...... the food.... and the language which is so flowery, ah.!

Coming up in fourth would be to finish a book and have it published, lots of unfinished manuscripts kept in folders. A few Short Stories and Poems I have had published in Magazine's, but to have a whole Novel published would be heaven.

I was left an Emerald and Diamond ring by my Grandmother years ago, silly me I lost it, cannot believe I was wearing it when it was too big for me and needed to be made smaller, somewhere it was tossed I know not where. It was heartbreaking to think that this piece of sentimental heirloom had been lost forever, so another ring of it's kind would be wonderful, and I love Emerald stones.

Know one should only choose five things, so cheating a bit here.......... quite fancy an array of blank Canvases with a set of Oils and Watercolours and a large set of very fine Brushes. A friend years ago gave me her Easel, what am I waiting for.! probably the knack of actually painting something that looks like art I should think.

Oh, and if anyone has a job going in a Library, then I'm your girl, never worked as a Librarian but quite fancy being amongst all those lovely books.

If of course a magic wand was to hand how I would love to end World Poverty, there would be PEACE throughout the land and a miracle drug to cease people suffering from terminal illness.


Frances said...

Camilla, I love the way you've completed your homework. So many interesting choices ... now we have even more to chat about in the hours of the owl.

Also, you have encouraged me to perhaps complete my homework assignment. Am pretty sure that I just forgot some of these requirements in the past....


Faith said...

Except for the horse, we have quite a lot in common Camilla. Def go for the art materials, and have a try - I'm still going to my art classes and enjoying it though the results not always very good! My exhub2 took my grandmother's engagement ring - I won't say why- and lost it. I can never forgive him for that. My own engagement ring is emerald and diamonds, very pretty. I love emeralds (and opals) hope you get one one day. There is a delightful little tea room in Dorking at the back of an antiques/bric a brac shop, all pretty mismatched chine and little bunches of flowers on the table. If you ever come down here I could take you to it, and it would inspire you for your own tearoom!

Arosebyanyothername said...

What's stopping you with the oils etc? - not a huge financial outlay, though I would recommend an art class to start you off - autumn classes just beginning - go for it!

mountainear said...

Some super wishes there Camilla - you'd be kept very busy!

Milla said...

Is there not a chance that the ring might turn up? Pray to St Anthony of Padua, patron saint of lost and stolen things. I lost a ring once helping my parents move. E had given it to me and I was so sad. So I had a quick word with St Anthony and found it out in the road where I had already looked, believe me, within five minutes.

ChrisH said...

Oh Camilla your choices are all so gentle and lovely, just what I'd expect. Please hurry up and open your little shop as I'm sure it would be a pleasure to visit... we could have PC Shop Crawl so I could do your, Jo's and anyone else who's thinking of opening one.

Inthemud said...

Hi Camilla, I love your home work.
So nice to see photos! A+++ for effort and content!!

I did have a pony as a child , he was the the true love of my life! I cried buckets when he died and mourned every year on the anniversary for years.

To run a tea shop or similar would be wonderful, I went to a idyllic one in Wiston West sussex the other day, so quaint, set in a rural spot surrounded by hens, ducks, etc

Cait O'Connor said...

I missed this blog Camilla, I am so behind with commenting.
Gorgeous pics again.
I am with you on so many of them and of course there is one I am lucky enough to have achieved. Not the art materials though as I am very very very hopeless at drawing.
I dream of a similar type shop but fear it would be a tie.
And to live in France aaaaah.......

CAMILLA said...

Thank you for your lovely comments, so kind.

Frances - the night would not be the same without my deputy owl to keep me company.

Faith - I hope to have Art material for Christmas, can't wait. May hold you to that offer of visiting you at tea-room, thank you. Glad to know that you are enjoying the Art Classes.

Milla - I nurse an eldery lady who say's pray to Saint Anthony, it works for her too, I'll keep this in mind, should have done this yesterday when I lost my specs.

Ah, thank you Muddie, yes I am the same when I lose a pet, cry buckets.

Cait - You never know, we might get to have that cottage in France
one day.


sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Five things, that's a lot! I like the last paragraph - we can but hope.

What do I wish for? Years ago, when I was young, it was a Mercedes sport coupe but really, now, I just want to earn enough to be able to sustain my current creative lifestyle!