Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Three Score Years

I cannot believe that sixty years has passed, and in that time what have I achieved on this glorious earth. My English Tutor at High School said on one of my reports, an exceptional piece of Composition, a joy to read. Ever since I can remember of being a child at an early age I always had my head in a book, to feel it's cover and be immersed into another world of fantasy. As I grew older I penned many a short story, or poem, some were not successful, others fortunately were to be published in various magazine's. Maybe one day I shall see a Novel of my hand sitting proudly on the shelf at Waterstones.

The 1960's were a truly memorable time for me, I am thankful I was a part of it, the era of 'Flower Power', The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and mini skirts. A time of no Computers, no electric Typewriters, old coinage. A time where one could leave their door unlocked and not worry about passing strangers.

I was born in Westminster the heart of London, sixty years ago. I lived in a wonderful Town House just off the edge of Baker Street, a street famous for the Sherlock Holmes character. I loved London then, the shops in the City, the night life. Jazz Clubs where Ronnie Scott and Acker Bilk were on the venues. Tiffany's at Piccadilly, which was great for dancing, the Theatres in Shaftesbury Avenue, and of course a frequent visitor to the wonderful Tate Gallery, where I would often be seen spending many a lunch hour during my working day.

So what did I want to do with my life, I had dropped out of University much to my Mother's disagreement, something perhaps I will always regret. I perhaps did have a chance to pursue the path of Journalism, but went and blew it.

I was a tall skinny girl and mad about fashion, and so enrolled myself at Lucy Clayton's Modelling School, this put me in good stead for a career in Modelling in London mainly, where I secured good jobs at the top Couture Fashion Houses, the first being Worth's of Bond Street. I enjoyed my time in London mixing with the different stereo-types, but I soon got bored with this.

So off to Secretarial Collage, after receiving a Diploma I settled into a job working for a Cancer Charity in Dorset Square London where Arthur Askey's sister was my Manager. About this time I was already in a relationship with my future husband, and we were inseparable. Our parents were good friends, and we spent nearly every weekend and summers in Norfolk where my inlaws owned Cottages.

In the 1970's I pursued the path of Nursing, a career to which I would never have thought would tick all the boxes. My darling Mother was quite ill at the time, and when she passed away I was thankful to have least given something back in a way of respect of her. It was a very busy time for me, and my nursing was put on hold for a while until I raised a family.

Yet, I yearned for the country way of life, I wanted to live in a country cottage with Roses around the door, not to be part of the 'rat race' any more. I longed for the solitude and the country air, So here I am, deep in the Norfolk countryside, wonderful scenery, big Norfolk sky's, fantastic beaches, wonderful walks, and some lovely friends who live not far from me.

Then one day in the year of 2006/7 I opened up a certain Magazine and noticed a Columnist Competition to enter, I was curious I wanted to know more, so I decided to take a look on their website. I never did enter the Competition, but I enjoyed reading bloggers diary's, a diary of theirs that would lead to a member securing the winning award of Columnist.

I wont bore you all with the outcome of that Competition, for we all know what it led to, but I am so thankful that I did get to meet some wonderful friends, most of who are with us today. Who knows what may have happened if our darling Westerwitch and Happysnaper had not given us that olive branch, so we could continue our very special Purplecoo Gang.

Crystal has bestowed to me a Thoughtful Blogger award, thank you Crystal I am truly grateful.

Oh, apparantly I am a Snapdragon, caring and loving, but with a sense of mischief, oooh, can't resist a girlie prank..!!

I leave you with a piece by the writer Stefan Zweig (1881-1942) and a Poem.


Nothing that has ever been thought and said with a clear mind and pure ethical strength is totally in vain; even if it comes from a weak hand and is imperfectly formed, it inspires the ethical spirit to constantly renewed creation.

The World Improvers

We have believed in too many things
We of little faith,
Have theorized too heedlessly
We of little hope,
Imposed our schemes for the world's good,
We of little love,
Thinking ourselves of too great worth,
We of little shame;
That we alone could pierce the dark,
We of little sight.

There is a candle which to each is given,
With a little, gentle flame,
Worldwide fires with ours we kindled,
Better had been a little light.