Wednesday, 19 September 2007


A miracle happened today. At about 2pm this afternoon I was going through to the kitchen to make a pot of tea, I kept looking at the clock as I knew I had to take Robbie my very ill dog to see the Vet at 3pm which was only twenty minutes drive away. I had already rung my husband at work lunchtime to ask if he would meet me there, as I knew I would be totally overcome with emotion if my dog had to be put to sleep. As I poured the hot water onto the P.G.Tips, I looked around and saw Robbie had got out of his basket and although quite wobbly, began to walk around the room. I was speechless, as Victor Meldrew would have said - " I dont believe it".!

Exactly two weeks ago today Robbie first became ill with Epileptic Fits, the Vet had said he may have eaten something along the Country Lane near the fields where I walk him, which caused him to have Liver Infection, which in turn caused him to fit. These last couple of weeks have been "touch and go", but I have followed the Vet's instructions to administer the neccesary medication and to feed water and liquidised food through a syringe about four times a day. This of course I have managed to do, but what was worrying me more than anything was Robbie's incapability to even walk or stand on his own, or not even being able to empty his bowels and bladder properly. He would just do it in the basket, or I would have to lift him out and hold him hoping that he would aim onto the scattered newspaper I had layered on the floor. I must say there have been endless hours of buckets and mops with disinfectant.

Robbie has had no more fits since last Wednesday evening, it may be because the kindly Vet had decided to give Robbie a full anaesthetic and put on a drip, as to sedate the body, hoping that once he came out of it his body would re-charge again without more fits. Well it seems to have worked as no more fits, that is not to say he will not have another anytime.

The big question I had intended to ask the Vet this afternoon was - "Do I need to end his suffering"? as Robbie had not seemed to have any quality of life left. He said that if it was his dog he would not put him to sleep, and we need to give him a chance. The drugs was making him completely "stoned" out of his mind, he said a bit like an Alcoholic who gets used to drinking, they get used to the liquor, the body gets used to it. So this evening I have my dog back home with me, A miracle indeed, especially now after two weeks he took his first steps again today, something that I did not think would ever happen again. I have nursed him with all the TLC I could possibly give him these last two weeks, and will continue to do so in the fight to his recovery.

Thank you to one and all for being just absolute darlings with your messages and concern with love and hugs along the way. Means so much to me, and has helped me enormously to cope with my anxious days and nights.


Monday, 17 September 2007


I have done my Homework, Un Peu has tagged me, see original blog of BlossomCottage.

The smell of freshly baked cakes and bread, as a child I remember my mother's baking day for these on a Saturday. I would eagerly wait for the dough mixture to rise in the old Black Cooking Range. I liked to help of course, with several large old-fashioned mixing bowls and a wooden spoon. Loved to dip my finger into the uncooked ingredients before they were popped into the oven, then the joy of being able to taste and smell the delights when all was cooked.

Recently I treated myself to some Sherlock Holmes DVD'S, my favourite actor who portrays Sherlock for me has to be Jeremy Brett. Nothing better than on a cold winter's evening, by the warmth of the crackling fire, to relax and watch an episode acting out the lives amongst exciting excesses of Victorian London. The sound of the Horse's hooves over the Victorian cobbled strets, there is something quite wonderful about the sound of a Horse's gallop, or trot.

Bonfires in the garden, not the burning of fireworks, but the the smell of the twigs and bracken smouldering. Pine Cones blazing on the hearth, after one has collected them from the Pine Forest. The smell of it's perfume that fills the air, and also brings back memories of when my children were small and they would delight in being able to gather up as many as possible to stack into their baskets.

The sound of Church Bells ringing in the distance, my local Church with it's magnificent architecture, can be seen from my kitchen window. On a Sunday morning it's peel can be heard from across the fields.

The smell of my dogs fur, nothing nicer. All the devotion I give them is given right back, but I also believe that owning a pet can keep stress levels down. Stroking my furry friends prompts my brain to release "feel good" hormones, and helps calm me.

I have always been at one with children, I just adore to hear them talking and laughing, and no matter whose child in a family I happen to encounter, it fills my heart with a desire to listen as they express their personality.

The crunching of pure White snow beneath one's feet, not the slushy type, when the warmer air or rain has changed it's beauty.

The smell of a newborn baby, as you hold towards your skin, so wonderful.

I like to use a pen with a nib to write, dipped into a bottle of Royal Blue Ink, and hear the slight scratch of the quill as it touches the paper.

A smell of a book, be it freshly new from publication, or be it an old Antiquarian Edition, the joy has stayed with me from that since I read my first bok as a child.

Scent of a flower especially a Rose, with it's heady perfume, which can be quite intoxicating.

The sounds of birds singing and chirping, and a Pigeon or Dove cooing on a fresh new morning, with window open I glory in the sheer beauty of their beautiful voices.

A Poem


A rainbow arched the waterfall

Myriads of colours, shapes and sounds,

Everything kaleidoscopic

Against a blackdrop of rock,

Together we stood in awe

Glimpsing a miracle.

Then you offered me your hand

To help me climb the falls,

I climbed alone,

Choosing to be

Yet never wanting to be

A lonely poet.



Dear Cait has bestowed to me an Award, for that I am most grateful. I try to be creative as best I can, to seek deep into my imaginations. Now I have eaten the "pudding", I will endeavour to create my ability to capture my "Scents and Sounds" this evening.